Running With U!

April 22, 2010

What a fast and busy day!  Here it is almost midnight and I am posting a friendly ‘hello’ to you.

My internship took me from creating and emailing press releases to posting press releases and attending meetings about the upcoming event for the uninsured public in the surrounding Philadelphia-Metro area.

I did get a chance to meet with other members on our team, say goodbye to an intern that had finished his internship and converse with the media about this weekend’s optional black tie event.

I am pooped.  My classes end in a few weeks and then I’ll be working on additional projects.  I just love learning and helping others to achieve their goals.

U will see me soon… 😉


April 2010 and U!

April 15, 2010

This month has flown by.  There are so many things going on that I cannot keep up with them all. 

Since the healthcare gala is fast approaching on April 24th, I’ve been working on the actual program for that evening’s events.  The layout of the “run of the show” so to speak.  There is alot of behind the scenes work that goes on when you work with a public relations firm representing a non-profit organization.  It is all so exciting!

 I am also working on my final objective for my co-op.  The objective includes me monitoring websites and blogs for incoming traffic.  I’ve chosen to monitor the traffic on my blog that I initially created for my intership.

WordPress has result tracking software built into their website.  I can track how many people view my site and which days were the frequented the most.

Dr. Zurek introduced me to Google Analytics.  After speaking with my supervisor, he told me about Site Meter.  This tracking service is free for their basic services.  Any upgrades will cost small fees.

I will use the tools available to me so that I can meet my final objective before I graduate in May 2010.

Thanks Everyone and I’ll Talk With U Soon!

U Need 2 Minimize!

April 6, 2010

The medical honorary event gala is fast approaching.  Today, I needed to minimize the stories that were going to be published in the journal for the event on the 24th.  The journal will hold a schedule of events, guest speaker bio, patient stories and advertisement.  There are at least 5 patient stories being inserted into the journal and I was tasked with minimizing the existing stories without losing the essence of what was being said.  In some cases, I took the stories down from 500+ words to 250-260 words.  In addition, I worked on the introduction speech for our Mistress of Ceremonies.   It was pretty lengthy, so I reduced the wording down to 220 words.  It was an enjoyable day at my internship.

After leaving, I stopped by Cabrini for the Philly Ad Club Career event and took lots of photos.  I had a chance to meet some great people who love their jobs.  I received some great advice from the attendees and have lots of networking to do so that I can land a fantastic job such as theirs.

See U Soon!

Research and U!

April 3, 2010

Today I researched while shopping!  What?!  The upcoming medical gala event hosts will need to present an award of some kind to the honorees.  I had the honor of looking for plaques, vases, and beautiful awards for research.

I found a variety of options and can’t wait to find out what award they will choose.  What a wonderful way to spend Good Friday!

Happy Easter to U!

My internship is just rolling and rolling and I am picking up valuable gems along the way.  New contacts, great networking opportunities, skills in creating press releases, interaction with the media and now…. Photography!

I was working with a staff member, “C” stuffing envelopes for a formal event that is coming up on April 24 at a Philadelphia center city hotel.  As I was looking over the contents of the invitations, I said to myself, this would be a great opportunity to take photos.  I asked “C” do you have a photographer for this event?  She said no, do you have a referral?  I said yes, me.  I let her know that I am presently taking photos for the Loquitor and that I just love taking photos.  She said that the job was mine!  I am now the official photographer for this event.  The event is celebrating 10 years of healthcare service as well as honoring an attorney and director of the Governor’s office in receiving the award for excellence in healthcare.

I am getting business cards made up and will use this opportunity for further networking!  Can you believe it… first I was just stuffing envelopes and then now I am going to a $125.00 a plate benefit and honorary gala….What am I going to wear???

Talk with U real soon – I cannot be any happier!

U Did It!

March 16, 2010

Thank you so much! WOWWEEE !!!

At my internship today,…my supervisor came up to me and just casually said “add your name to the ‘media contact’ section for this press release,… and WHAM… your name is ON an official press release!!!!!

I cannot express the gratitude that I felt, of course, after the initial shock, of what he actually said!  It didn’t emotionally hit me until NOW !!! Yikes… I feel good 😉 (U no that song…)

Anyway, little Missy, in just one calm sentence, u r somebody! 😉  Well of course you were somebody before, but now, you feel extremely special.  Just a little ‘dab’ will do you… (oops I mean a little ‘sentence’) 😉

Here’s some background:

My supervisor and I have been working on this particular press release for a company that received their IRS ‘non-profit’ certification.  We used this opportunity to let the public know the benefits of their tax deductible donations and to tell them about the fantastic moves this company is making.

What an awesome day!

By the by – I attended an Alumni Networking event at Cabrini College and WHOA… Cabrini KNOWS some people who can get you connected to where you want to be!  Today was filled with accomplishments, excitement and career direction!

If anyone asks me anything about ANYTHING…. the only words I know to say are CABRINI COLLEGE showed me…. CABRINI COLLEGE advised…CABRINI COLLEGE is…

Thank you is all I have left (for now of course)   …. Dr. Z., you know what you are doing!!!

Talk, chat, link, tweet, face U later !! ( U C me smilin’ !?!)

I wish this life and wonderful day on everyone who is reading this blog !

What good is free if no one knows about it?

A medical center that our company represents is having FREE health screening, FREE food and FREE tours of their medical center facilities.  We created a press release announcing the events which will take place over a course of three days.  Today, we needed to get the word out to the neighborhood of people who would benefit the most by these FREE offerings.  The events begin on Monday, so it was important to get the word out and to connect with the public as soon as possible.  Since the company is non-profit, we sent the press release to several local news outlets that allow the public to advertise for free.  Initially, we were worried that the information would have to go through the series of channels in order to get the press release approved before it could get posted.  Fortunately, today we received confirmation that the press release information would be available for public viewing.  I really hope that the people who are able to attend the events next week go and take advantage of the medical services as well as tell their friends and family about this wonderful medical center and their doctors.

The other part of my day consisted of updating my network contacts list.  My list is compiled of various companies in media and public relations.  You just never know who’s who and what one phone call or email can do for your future.

See U Soon!

U Meet Lots of People!

March 10, 2010

My new objective has already begun for the month of March:

What? I will learn how to interact with other public relations professionals and create contact lists of future networking opportunities. How? I will build relationships and create a list of public relations personnel.

This objective is filled with lots of opportunity for me.  I love meeting people and keeping in touch with them.  I look forward to compiling names of people who I can network with and build meaningful personal and business relationships with.

My future is filled with mystery and hope.  There is nothing I cannot overcome because I have so many wonderful people guiding me in the right direction.  My family, all of my college contacts and my mentors.  I feel empowered to learn all I can learn and have fun along the way.

My supervisor at my internship sees something in me and he is helping me to become all that I can become.  We have worked on press releases, effective social media and now we are on to networking and building contacts.

Talk with U Soon !

Many Tasks 4 U!

February 23, 2010

Hi there!  Today was fast and fulfilling.

I usually like to check in and see what the priorities are for the day upon arrival at my internship.

This practice has worked well with my supervisor and I over the past months.  I checked my email and found that one media contact will run a story without a photo of the person featured in the news release.  This was great news!  She will even send me the specific information about when the news will be released via her newspaper.

I also worked on a Board of Directors company organization chart.  My supervisor asked me to create a chart from scratch and upon completion, he rewarded me with the words “nice job.”   I was very proud of my work in putting together the details of the chain of command for an upcoming female basketball league.

Another project I worked on was looking for images to exemplify human emotions that would best emphasize the feeling of the company being revitalized.  My supervisor was pleased with the images I found for his presentation and he asked me to input them into his PowerPoint presentation.

Today was very informative, busy and exciting.

See U Soon!

U Need 2 Keep It Up!

February 16, 2010

Stay with it and be persistent is an effective media outlook.  Today, I followed up with the newspaper editors about the press release I emailed to them previously.

In order for me to be successful while interacting with media, I need to stay with it and keep up the contact.  Since most media people are soooo…ooo…. sooooo busy, then you must get in there, tell them what you want, find out what you need and get off the phone!  Media are too busy to want to confirm receiving a press release or even to let you know if they are going to use the content as one of their stories.  My learned tactic has been short and sweet.

It also helped to role-play with my supervisors 😉

I have been having a 50/50 success rate with the media so far.  It seems that if they are in the mood to talk, they will and if they are busy or not in the mood, then then won’t give you the time of day!

I was successful in my understanding of dealing with media today.  One editor that followed up with me last week, sent an email to me today requesting a photo of the board member we announced in the press release.  The board member did not want to give a head shot.  I let the editor know and asked if they would still run the story and she said yes!  I was very happy about that and it set the tone for the other calls I made.  Most editors today were friendly and cooperative.

I just learned that patience and persistence while being friendly really does pay off in the media world.

Talk with U soon!